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Let’s build a resilient internet

We are a group of optimists dedicated to the idea that it takes as much creativity to make technology safe as it does to invent it.

Cybersecurity is a fundamental challenge to open societies in the 21st century. To combat this, the security industry needs to embrace pragmatism, productivity, and interdisciplinary thinking.

If that sounds like your speed, come join us!

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We believe security is much more than a moat around a castle. Instead, the internet can be resilient, from inside out.

We're building something special
Alex Rice
HackerOne, Founder & CTO

Really excited for what Ryan Noon and the team are up to over at Material Security. Email has become the center of so much of our digital lives and the blast radius of even a single email account compromise is one of those things that has always kept me up at night. "Zero Trust" for email is long overdue.

Don Magee
@DonMagee, Cloud Architect, Security Engineer, heavily opinionated.

I really love @material_sec and how easy it makes it to protect our company’s email systems. This morning I saw a phish in my inbox. I flagged it as phishing and instantly the email was defanged and I received this email.

Mike Mackintosh
@mikemackintosh, @doordash | I dabble in everything #infosec and usually rant about it here

Anything is possible when @material_sec meets google cloud functions. So pumped.

Helen Guan
Security GRC Manager at Salesforce

Huge congrats to Material Security for landing their new Series B funding! The team is one of the most talented and hard working group I know and it's been a pleasure to be part of their journey from the early days. Exciting to see their continued progress and innovative approach to #emailsecurity.

Michael Keithley
CIO @ United Talent Agency

Material Security takes a fresh approach to arguably the greatest information security risk we all have - email. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Diogo Mónica
@diogomonica, Co-Founder and President @anchorage, Security Lead @Docker

Everyone in infosec knows it's rare to see a new product that is obviously a solution instead of a band-aid. Congrats to the @material_sec team for building one of those products.

Ben Hagen
@benhagen, 2x Presidential Election & Emmy Award Winning Security Otter

Super excited to see the growth of non-snake oil security startups. Rare to see new entrants in the space actually improve the state of security with innovative approaches. @material_sec's mission is personal to me.

Andrew Becherer
Chief Information Security Officer at Iterable

If you manage corporate IT security and haven't been following Material Security I recommend checking them out. They bring solutions to email problems that felt intractable and I really appreciate their deployment model.

Matt Muller
@the_mullinator, Trust and security at Coinbase

The number of security vendors I truly admire is… very very small, but @material_sec makes the list for sure. Really excited to see @internet_meme and @abhishek0918 keep building.


You’ve got mail. 📧

Attackers usually view email as a way in - not the actual target. Plot twist: it’s both.

We're teaming up with @Material_Sec to empower end users by giving them the tools they need to protect their info.

Your toolbox:

Avichal Garg
@avichal, Investor @ElectricCapital

Material Security @material_sec is a great example of how to re-imagine an experience as routine as email. 10x more secure and 10x better:… Congrats @internet_meme, @abhishek0918, and team on a fresh $40M

Aaron Zander
An IT leader with a focus on security and usability

Seriously go hit up Ryan Noon if your company uses email and you care about security. @material is the kind of tool that seems like it shouldn't work, but it does.

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Listen to Ryan and Abhishek talk about how the 2016 election hacks led to the creation of Material Security, the challenges (and potential silver linings) of building a fast-growing company during the pandemic, and more

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We're all about pragmatic products that just work and don't require babysitting. Read about our design-centric approach to building security products that are usable and low-overhead